LOTP Mission

Life of the Party is based on the philosophy that you can party without putting yourself in danger. That you can drink with out binging or blacking out. That you can experiment without putting yourself at risk for synergistic overdose. That you can have fun while still taking care of yourself and your peers.

We strive to provide information, advice, and fun activities to make your partying experience safer and more fun. We hope to change the perception of UCSB and Isla Vista and show that we can have fun safely.

 We are comprised of two groups of students:

Party Peer Volunteers

Our volunteers are an enthusiastic group of students who care about their community. They help us organize and operate our events and campaigns. If you are interested in becoming a volunteer, sign up for our mailing list or like us on Facebook for information about meeting times and alternative events.

 LOTP group photo

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Life of the Party Intern Team
If you have any questions regarding the information on this website or would like to talk to any of the peers involved in the Alcohol and Drug Program, feel free to contact any of the Life of the Party Interns with comments, questions or concerns!