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Meet Our Beautiful Student Intern Team

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Rochelle Mooney

Marketing Specialist

4th Year: Communication, Spanish minor

I joined Life of the Party because I wanted to help students make educated decisions concerning drugs and alcohol, as well as inform the community about the resources that are available to them on campus. As an intern, I am excited to be a part of a student run organization like this because of the positive change we can create through planning alternative events on the weekends, educational material and conversations with peers.


Community Liaison: EAP, The Daily Nexus, Communication


Alaina Flores

Marketing Specialist

4th Year: Environmental Studies, Sociology, Applied Psychology

I joined Life of the Party because I wanted to make a positive impact within the UCSB and Isla Vista community. Whether or not students choose to consume alcohol or drugs, I want everyone to have resources allowing them to make safe and healthy decisions. Living in Isla Vista is a fun and unique experience and I want everyone to enjoy their time here to the fullest potential without regret.


Community Liaison: Greek Life, Environmental Affairs Board, UCSB Sexperts, Sociology, DSP, EAP, Vegetarians, Dance Team


Natalia Valle

Marketing Specialist, Web Development

4th Year: Psychology, Feminist Studies

Life of the Party is a meaningful organization to me because it impacts my community as a student. I wanted to be part of the team here at UCSB because of my friends and because social justice through alcohol and drug education is my passion.


Community Liaison: LGBTQ, Recreation, Educational Opportunity, Latinx


Christian Gallegos-Alarcon

Marketing Specialist

4th Year: Environmental Studies, Professional Writing Minor 

My name is Christian, but you can call me Chris. I am a fourth year from Riverside, California and I love dogs, pina coladas because I’m 21, and Ugly Betty. I am currently majoring in Environmental Studies with a minor in Professional Writing and certificate in the Technology Management Program. At UCSB I am also a Fellow for the Carbon Neutrality Initiative and Campus Tour Guide. I joined LOTP because I resonated with the message and love the welcoming culture of the organization. Have fun and be safe out there, Gauchos! Bye.


Community Liaison: ES, Administrative Sustainability, Tour Guide, RHA, Orientation Staff, AS, LGBTQ, Hillel, Pre-law Fraternity


Betty Hang

Marketing Specialist

2rd Year: Communication

Hello! My name is Betty Hang and I am one of your Life of the Party Peer Leader interns for the 2017-2018 academic year! I am from El Monte, California and I enjoy singing R&B/soul songs, dancing to hip hop and old Disney songs with my friends, as well as experimenting with make-up. The reason why I joined the Life of the Party team is because I love that the organization serves as such a helpful and realistic resource for students in the UCSB and Isla Vista community. I am very happy to be a part of the Alcohol and Drug Program to help our fellow Gauchos be safe and have a blast in their college festivities! I am excited to be your peer this year to help you know how to party safely. See you soon!


Community Liaison:


Jonathan Sullivan

Alec J Torchon Memorial Intern

2nd Year: Environmental Studies

My name is Jonathon Sullivan, this will be my first year working with LOTP and I couldn’t be more excited. What I am looking forward to most this year is leading the 6th annual Torchon Memorial Dodgeball Tournament, in spring quarter. Outside of school I like doing things outdoors, I enjoy backpacking, skiing, and I have a passion for skateboarding. I wanted to join LOTP because I saw all the issue with parting in college, and wanted to actively make a difference. I decided that the best way that I could make a difference was joining this program and helping my fellow students understand the choices they make and the consequences associated with them.


Community Liaison:
 Greek life, Pre-law professional emphasis, Excursion Club


Azalea Sherif-Perez

Marketing Specialist

2nd Year: Psychology

I decided to be a Life of the Party intern because it makes me happy seeing all the faces that we reach out to on a daily basis as an organization. I’ve seen how LOTP has made an impact in our community by giving students many alternatives to stay regret-free as well as tips to have a safe and a healthy night out.  Fun fact about me: I am half Libyan and half Mexican.


Community Liaison: Educational Opportunity Program, Society of Undergrad Psychologists.


Kristen Ellis

Volunteer Coordinator, Web Development

4th Year: Psychology, Spanish minor

Hi! I’m from Sacramento, California and I love kayaking and Italian food. After graduating this Spring I hope to pursue a career in the mental health field after spending some time traveling through South America. I joined Life of the Party because I have grown to love Isla Vista so much during my time here and I want all of the members of our community to be able to have a great time, while doing so safely and without consequence. I think it is important for students to have access to credible resources when seeking information about drugs and alcohol, and our staff is here to do just that.


Community Liaison: Greek Life, Sprout Up, EAP, Social Psych Research


Sarah Kinane

Volunteer Coordinator

2nd Year: Sociology and History double major

I wanted to become more involved with Life of the Party because I have seen how the lack of knowledge of safe drinking and partying can hurt my loved ones, and want to have the skills to better educate my friends and family. I also want to help tear down the stigma that everyone needs alcohol or other drugs to have a good time, but can also come to our alternative events and have a great weekend! Isla Vista is a very special community, and I want to help guide everyone to the right resources so we can all have a memorable and fun experience.


Community Liaison: Greek Life, Sociology, Honors Program