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Meet Our Beautiful Student Intern Team
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Adam 2016
Adam Brunmeier

Lead Coordinator, Marketing Specialist, Web Development

4th Year: Sociology Major, Technology and Management Program

I chose to pursue the Life Of The Party internship because I want to help educate my peers on how to be safe regarding alcohol and drug use. My time with LOTP has been fun and rewarding, and I enjoy contributing to making Isla Vista a safer community for everyone. I hope that by holding this position in the Alcohol and Drug Program that anybody who is seeking information or resources feels comfortable approaching me for help.


Community Liason: Club Sports, Sociology, TMP

Alaina Flores

Marketing Specialist

3rd Year: Environmental Studies, Sociology, Applied Psychology

I joined Life of the Party because I wanted to make a positive impact within the UCSB and Isla Vista community. Whether or not students choose to consume alcohol or drugs, I want everyone to have resources allowing them to make safe and healthy decisions. Living in Isla Vista is a fun and unique experience and I want everyone to enjoy their time here to the fullest potential without regret.


Community Liaison: Greek Life


Annie Jankovitz

Volunteer Coordinator, Marketing Specialist

4th Year: Psychology, Sociology, Applied Psychology

I became a Life of the Party intern so I could help make the Isla Vista community a safer place and get to know my fellow Gauchos. I love the positive message LOTP spreads and the opportunity I have to educate the students on UCSB's campus.


Community Liaison: Transfers, Sociology, Psychology


Briana Zhen

External Relations Coordinator, Web Development

4th Year:Linguistics, Global Studies

I joined Life of the Party because I think prevention education is the first step to creating a positive and safe Isla Vista Community. I appreciate that LOTP isn't abstinence-based, but rather a student organization that provides resources to students if they do decide to engage in those types of activities. It is my hope to help foster an atmosphere within UCSB where student can enjoy their nights regret-free.


Community Liaison: Environmental Affairs, Isla Vista Community Relations


Delaney Ginn

Volunteer Coordinator

3rd Year: Global Studies, French

I became a Life of the Party intern because I enjoy showing Gauchos that you can have a fun time while remaining safe and regret-free. I love getting to talk to other students about LOTP and being able to provide valuable information.


Community Liaison: LGBTQ, Recreation


Imosemen Ominu

Web Development

4th Year: Political Science, Black Studies

I joined Life Of The Party because I really admire what the program stands for and is centered around. The LOTP message about "always having a choice" and not telling students to abstain from drugs and alcohol, but to be safe in the choices they make is what I really appreciate about this organization. I wanted to be part of something that teaches our peers that we can still have a great time regret-free.


Community Liaison: Transfers, Residence Halls Association, Political Science


Kianna Bowers

Lead Coordinator, Web Development

4th Year: Communication, Spanish

I joined Life Of The Party because I want to help students that are struggling with drugs and alcohol, as well as students who just want to know more about the resources that are available to them on campus. As an intern, I am excited to be part of a student-run organization like this because of the positive change we can create through planning alternative events on the weekends, educational materials, and conversations with peers.


Community Liaison: Multicultural Greek Life, Black Student Union, Educational Opportunity Program


Natalia Valle

Marketing Specialist, Web Development

4th Year: Psychology, Feminist Studies

Life of the Party is a meaningful organization to me because it impacts my community as a student. I wanted to be part of the team here at UCSB because of my friends and because social justice through alcohol and drug education is my passion.


Community Liaison: LGBTQ, Recreation, Educational Opportunity, Latinx


Nicole Small

Alec Torchon Memorial Outreach Intern, Marketing Specialist

4th Year: Psychology, Statistics

I joined Life Of The Party because I want to contribute to making my community a fun, safe, and healthy environment. I want to provide my peers with education and resources necessary to make smart choices in Isla Vista. As an LOTP intern, I hope to positively impact my community so that we can all make the most of our time here at UCSB without the negative consequences of drugs and alcohol.


Community Liaison: Greek Life, Psychology