What is a Blackout?

  • Blackouts are a form of alcohol-related memory loss. They occur when people have no memory of what happened while intoxicated, due to alcohol disrupting the brain’s ability to form new memories.
  • During a blackout, someone may appear fine to others; however, the next day they cannot remember parts of the night and what they did.
  • Brown Outs are just partial blackouts, and are typically more common, but occur in the same way and the same precautions should be taken.

How Do I Avoid a Blackout?

  • PACE YOURSELF. Blackouts occur based on how fast you drink, not how much you drink. 
  • EAT BEFORE DRINK in order to close the pyloric valve in your stomach that allows for alcohol to quickly enter your small intestine and get into your bloodstream
  • Between every alcoholic drink, DRINK WATER in order to keep up a steady pace. This will also help to prevent alcohol-related sickness and hangovers.