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Know Your Laws

Know your Rights

Additional Isla Vista Information

Festival Ordinance

Festival Ordinance in Effect Friday, April 7 to Monday, April 10 each evening from 7pm to 7am the following morning.

What does it mean?

  • This ordinance will be in effect each evening from 7pm to 7am the following morning.
  • No live or recorded music can be heard outside your apartment or house in Isla Vista
  • Violations can run as high as $500 in administrative fines and a misdemeanor on your record
  • Music will be allowed each day from 7am to 7pm as long as it is being played at a closed partyand the music cannot be clearly heard from the street
  • The only amplified music that will be allowed during those hours will be from the First Friday event taking place in People's Park
  • If the music is creating a crowd in front of the property, or music is targeting the street, the host will be ticketed

Parking Information

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  • Cars must be moved off of DP by 7am on Saturday, April 8
  • Road blocks will be in effect by 10am on Saturday, April 8 until 7am Sunday, April 9
  • Certain campus parking lots (#16, #18, #22, #30, and #38) will open to UCSB student permit holders (including Night & Weekend permit) beginning at 11am on Friday, April 7
Visit the Transportation and Parking Services Website for more detailed information on campus parking restrictions and know that temporary permits will not be available for purchase this weekend.

We HIGHLY encourage you to move your car so this doesn't happen to it...


The City of Goleta is implementing temporary restrictions for on-street parking in the neighborhoods between Cannon Green Drive and Storke Road and from Hollister Avenue to the southern city limits along Whittier Drive. Visit the City of Goleta Website for more detailed information on how to obtain a permit if your residential address is impacted.


The UCSB Police Department will conduct a sobriety and driver's license checkpoint on Friday, April 7th 2017, at an undisclosed area on UCSB campus/Goleta area. It will begin at 7:00 p.m. and run for approximately 8 hours. Traffic will be contacted by uniformed officers, who will be checking for alcohol-/drug-impaired drivers. Officers will also check to make sure all drivers have a valid driver's license.

The purpose of the checkpoint is to promote public safety, increase awareness of the dangers associated with drinking and driving, and serve as a deterrent to potential impaired and unlicensed drivers.

Contact Public Information Officer, Sergeant Rob Romero, at (805) 893-4063. Media is encouraged to attend the checkpoint in an effort to spread awareness about the impacts of drinking and driving.

Interested in volunteering? Email us!

Volunteer opportunities include:
  • UCIV
    • Hydration Stations
    • Police Blockade Assistance
    • Medical Service Assistance