Isla Vista

Welcome to Isla Vista!

This little town is 1.8 sq. miles with 18 parks, an elementary school, over 100 businesses, four churches, and a world renowned food co-op! Residents include UCSB students, SBCC students, and residential home owners. 

Did You Know?
  • Isla Vista is only 1.8 sq. miles.
  • IV Foot Patrol is the first community policing effort in the nation
  • The UCSB Alcohol and Drug Program is located in IV, on the second story of Embarcadero Hall
The I.V. Party Scene
Partying safely in Isla Vista isn't rocket science, but you might be surprised to find out some of the pitfalls that partiers most commonly encounter in this cozy little town. Check out our handy resources, to the left, to learn how to better navigate the Isla Vista Party Scene!