Liquor and Your Lease


  • We had a party last night and our bathrooms are NASTY!

  • When did this break?

  • My stuff was stolen during a party!

  • HELP! My roommates have different partying habits than mine!

  • My housemates are furnishing alcohol to minors, can I get in trouble?

  • My neighbors had a party and there’s trash everywhere!

  • We had a party and our house is totally trashed!

  • My neighbors are having a party and the noise is out of control… in a bad way!

  • Look how much we can drink, Ma!

  • Party on the roof!

  • We can get in trouble for decorating our house?!

  • If my friend is coming to visit, why is it my landlord’s business?!

  • I’m about to be evicted!

  • I still have a burning question!