Campus Counseling Services

Emergency Counseling

Phone: (805) 893-4411

If you urgently need alcohol and drug counseling, these services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including holidays.

Callers will be given the option to speak with a counselor who will provide immediate counseling or other necessary information. Appropriate follow up will be provided by UCSB staff (Counseling Services or Student Health Service).

Alcohol and Drug Counseling

Phone: (805) 893-3371

Want to check in for yourself or a friend? Free and confidential counseling is available at the UCSB Alcohol & Drug Program. Call the appointment line above or make an appointment online at:

College Students and Mental Health

This educational guide provides information on stress, anxiety, depression, and substance abuse:

Adolescent addiction, drugs and alcohol on campus, and mental health issues.